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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

Organization Logo 

It all started when...

Marilyn K. Gambrell decided to take, at the time her 7 year old program not only to the hallways of high schools across the city but across the nation. In 1993, No More Victims, was designed to prevent victimization and support the healing process and improve the quality of life for children and adults. Children of incarcerated parents are the largest at risk population in the country and the least acknowledgement. After witnessing a little girl, approximately two years old being beaten by her grandmother, Ms. Gambrell decided to start the "healing the CHILD within" Program for children of incarcerated parents. Our logo, like our organization is made up and composed of very intricate, elite, and significant details that not only represent the children of No More Victims, but all of ultimate at risk children across the nation. "You have to take care of all children, in order to take care of your own children", is one of many quotes that Ms. Gambrell uses to raise awareness about newborns and children of incarcerated parents.  

Generation I Logo

…about our history…

On January 04th 2000, at M.B.Smiley High School, a very unique, and elite group of phenomenal children embarked on a path to choose healing from parental incarceration instead of incarceration.

With the seeds being planted the first class of 24 students chose to be the roots that carried not only this remarkable vision, but brought other hurt children to the class to be fertilized with hope, and what we in this family like to call LOVE.

Over the course of 10 years No More Victims Inc. not only produced high school graduates, but set the foundation for all who took that powerful oath never again to be thrown away, underestimated or told what and who they can or cannot be. The Legends of No More Victims not only became high school graduates, but also have accomplished, multiple job professions in addition to going to college, graduating college, going to trade schools, or proudly serving their country in the armed services. That prestigious group of children are now and forever will be known as the “Legends” of No More Victims, Inc. In honor of all that they have accomplished and every obstacle that they overcame. Generation I will always be one of a kind and can never be duplicated. As the second generation is born the “Legends” are on a set mission to encourage and strengthen all of their brothers, and sisters that come after them.

Generation II Logo

... as the Journey continued, and the Legacy was carried on ...

Generation II is significantly different, and precious in their own special way. The birth of Generation II in No More Victims, brought  forth the most courageous, and remarkable  children. In 2010 on the campus of multiple high school across the city, in the Houston Independent School District, these precious ones are known as the "Significant" family members of No More Victims,  made a choice to choose healing over incarceration. Their logo symbolizes the statement  "because you exist.... makes you priceless and you are absolutely precious". The relevance of being significant is often forgotten, not acknowledged, or dismissed. It is the mission of this generation to become the voice of relevance and the stature of significance, not only for themselves, but for every child suffering from parental incarceration to choose "Getting Educated, Not Incarcerated" as their daily motivational goal. Following in the footsteps of the "Legends" this immaculate group of children have decided to break strongholds, and knock down the barriers that society said would overtake them and their lives. Not knowing what tomorrow may hold these children are definitely "healing the CHILD within" first , and  becoming like the wings of a eagle second. To soar high and teach other children who are hurting that they can fly high and heal too.