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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

Ms. Hughes and our NMV family my love and support for the rest of my life. They helped mold me to become the woman that I am today. Now I have two kids of my own and I make sure that I show them unconditional love. I talk to them and tell them everyday that I love them. Without NMV guidance I don't know what kind of mother I would have become. Now I can lead by example. My kids don't know that angry person who was willing to kill, fight and argue. They know a mother that is calm, negotiable, understanding, loving and has their best interest at heart so they can become the successful people that NMV has helped all of us to become. I stopped the cycle in my family. Prison is not an option for me nor my children.

                                                 Dequlah Woods, Executive Veteran Member, Past President, 8 years