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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

The most important people in my life were incarcerated; my aunt, cousin, brother and my dad. All of my painful life experiences have left me with an anger problem and have also made me push people away. I joined No More Victims in the tenth grade at M. B. Smiley High School.  The reason that I joined was so I could be "me" and learn to deal with the hurt in my heart. The group, our NMVI family, is a wonderful place to free your mind and be "you" and finally take the mask off. NMV has impacted me in many ways. My NMV family has helped me with so many issues.They give me support that I have been needing since my dad left my life. I could write for days on the way my NMV family loves me and keeps me from hurting myself like I used to; but there is not enough space on all the computers in the world to display how important NMV is in my life. I graduated from high school and am planning to go to college. I come to NMV every week to support my family and help Ms. Gambrell. We are a family for life. I am not going to prison.

                                                                             George Bogany, Veteran Member, 4 years