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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

I am happier now and more at peace. I have more confidence in myself and am able to speak at conferences and at meetings about my life and the things that so many of us kids go through. I have been able to meet some really cool people like Chammillionaire, Trae, Slim Thug, Michael Watts and Paul Wall. It was great to see them support our program. It was truly a great experience in my life. After getting my diploma, I am planning to go to Houston Community College and major in Business Administration and Music Production. I appreciate the love and dedication that Ms. G and the family members of NMV have given me. Every child deserves to have the NMV program in their schools. This program will work in any school, anywhere. It has changed my life along with 700 more of us in the NMV family throughout the northeast Houston area. I was set free when I learned that the hell of my childhood was not my fault. The behavior of adults is not the fault of the child, but we don't know that if no one tells us. Prison is not an option for my life.

                                                                           Jesse White, Veteran Member, 3 years