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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

As a child of No More Victims, this is more than just a organization, more than just a paycheck for the founder. This “organization” is a family for many children including me. It gives us hope, it gives us something to actually live for, But most of all, it gives us the family we have never had. Some children grow up without a mother or father, and in some cases, both. In this family, you grow up with a mother, and many brothers and sisters, and who knows, maybe you might find a father figure. I’ve lost all of my brothers to The System or The Reaper. Within this family, I’ve gained a few more brothers. I may not have had the perfect life, nor have I had the worst life, but I have had a bad life. Thanks to No More Victims  I am still here, living to help other people. Thanks to Marilyn Gambrell, better known to us as “Momma G” all of us, the children of No More Victims, Rookies and Veterans, have been able to continue walking this world of pain, suffering, and hate, with love in our hearts.

MarzTheMarti, Significant Family Member