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No More Victims

Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
Founder & CEO 

Marilyn K. Gambrell attended Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology and Corrections. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of No More Victims (NMV) and is a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist. Ms. Gambrell is a former Texas Parole Officer who was assigned to the Settegast and Fifth Ward areas of Houston, Texas. During her nearly ten-year tenure, she founded the most successful support group program for parolees in the Texas Parole System for which she received statewide attention. As a result of her success with her clients, she was selected to be the Director of  Programs for the former Concept, Inc. Pre-Parole Transfer, and Intermediate Sanction (parole violator) Facilities near Dallas, Texas. She created and implemented programs for a one thousand (1000) male facility. She returned to Houston after accepting the position as facility director for a female correctional facility. 

She witnessed many painful life circumstances that children were enduring who were experiencing parental incarceration. She felt compelled and it became a long-term goal to create a program to support this particular population of children. Her dream became a reality and resulted in her founding No More Victims, Inc. In January, 2000 she initiated the "healing the CHILD within" Program for Children of Incarcerated Parents at M.B. Smiley High School in Houston, Texas. Her uniquely designed program specifically created for this child is school, corrections , and community-based. The program offers a voluntary class daily to children of incarcerated parents. No More Victims has successfully assisted in creating a safer school environment, reducing crime on campus and substance abuse, improving attendance and grades, reducing gang involvement and violence and preventing crime and incarceration among children. The "healing the CHILD within" program is designed for children from pre-kindergarten , elementary, middle, and high school and ages upward. She has volunteered for approximately 15 years with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, facilitating her curriculum with incarcerated mothers and fathers titled Incarcerated Parent-Child Relationships.

Marilyn Gambrell has authored the "cherish the CHILD within" Collection which was written to give the child a voice, acknowledging the trauma experienced from the child's perception as a result of the cycle of addictive behaviors within the dysfunctional family setting. She has also authored the "My Feelings Are Real" Healing Color Workbook which is designed to acknowledge and process feelings resulting from painful life experiences by children and adults utilizing reading, writing, and art exercises.

There have been many special  feature stories regarding her work. She has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, People Magazine and Prism Magazine. Ms. Gambrell has been named an American Street Saint and her story is featured in the nationally acclaimed book titled "Street Saints: Renewing American Cities", written by Barbra Elliot. She has received tremendous local, national, and international media coverage. CNN "NewsNight with Aaron Brown" presented special feature stories (2003, 2004, 2005) with one CNN story being nominated for an Emmy Award as an Outstanding Special Feature News Story (2004). On August 22, 2005, the Lifetime Movie Network premiered a Lifetime Movie Original: "Fighting the Odds" - The Marilyn Gambrell Story. Houston PBS (2006) and Nickelodeon's Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (2007) released special feature stories about No More Victims, Inc. During 2008, she was named the Alumnus of the Year, College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University and was named one of the Top Twenty-Five Women of Houston by Co-America Bank and Rolling Out Magazine. She also received the Ambassador of Peace Award from the Universal Peace Federation. She was featured on MTV-True Life Reality Show (2010) and the Secret Millionaire a, April, 2011 and Latin Voices, 2011. She has received numerous awards and was the recipient of the McGovern Award from the University of Texas, School of Public Health in 2014 and the Houston Humanitarian Award Recipient for Houston Random Act of Kindness Day and Goodspire in November 2015. . The Program is now in 4 public high schools in Houston ISD. She is also an author and  playwright with the first production to tentatively be released in 2016. Ms. Gambrell and the students make presentations around the country regarding this most at risk population raising awareness regarding addressing the needs and issues of children experiencing the trauma of parental incarceration.

                                                                Ms. Gambrell teaches the children that

.... because YOU exist makes YOU priceless.....